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Top Online Roulette Tips

Posted by on Aug 19, 2015


Playing roulette is extremely fun, and nowadays you can even play it from your home, vie your mobile phone, tablet device or a computer; all you need is an internet connection. People love this game due to the fact that it relies solely on luck, however, they might not know that there are some tips that might help you win a roulette game, and we are now going to give them to you.

Tip 1 – Never use the Martingale System

140270848There are still people out there that believe that the Martingale system really works, but that couldn’t be further from the truth, and that system should be left behind. This system could work, but only in two specific situations: if you are playing online roulette without the maximum bet, and if you have an endless bankroll. Due to the fact that none of these things would probably happen, you shouldn’t use this system.

Tip 2 – Keep an Eye on Spinning

We know that we are talking about an online roulette here, but keep an eye on how the ball spins. Some roulette can be fixed, and you never want to play those roulettes. So, if you feel at any moment that the ball isn’t spinning properly, you should quit playing roulette here.

Tip 3 – Bias Roulette Wheels3d-roulette-sky-vegas

As we have said in the previous tip, not everything can run perfectly in an online roulette, and there can be some issues with the digital wheels, like there can be some issues with the real ones too. So, just like in the previous step when we told you to quit playing if you feel the ball isn’t running properly, here we’re telling you that you should quit if the when isn’t running properly. Now, this doesn’t have to mean that the game is fixed, there might just be some issues; but still, quitting would be the best decision here.

Tip 4 – Play a Befair Zero Edge Roulette

images (3)Nowadays, there is a new type of a roulette in town – the Befair roulette, which has no zeros on it. This means that the chances of winning here will increase for you (not dramatically, but still). Playing without one additional field might help you win a prize, but keep in mind that the odds are still not in your favor. In fact, as long as there are casinos, the odds will never be in your favor, and that is why you should only gamble for fun, and never for the money.

As we have seen, there are some tips and tricks that might help you win an online roulette game, even though most people believe that this does not exist. In fact, following these tips might help you win this game, and might increase the chances you have of getting some money. However, as we have already said, you should never play for the money here; you should only play for the fun of the game, because that way, you can never lose yourself in this.